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AgriEnable, the farm-to-fork consultancy with a unique agri-food and agribusiness expertise, is the brainchild of its founder and principal consultant, David Farley.

Having grown up in and around agriculture, David has spent his career in agri-food and agribusiness roles across the breadth of the United Kingdom’s agricultural domestic and international agricultural supply chains. His expertise from the field to the factory, farm policy to food policy, and business development to business transition, has endowed him with a deep and diverse understanding of what a modern, progressive agri-food business needs to be successful in the face of change.

Highly experienced and commercially astute, David moved away from senior ‘in house’ roles in 2016, building a consultancy career to focus on national and international agri-food and agribusiness clients.

Despite the challenges facing the sector, David believes there’s a bright future ahead for the UK’s food and farming sector. But that means businesses must seize that opportunity now, by making the right decisions, the right plans and the right adjustments:

People + technology = Productivity + Sustainability

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AgriEnable’s client services generally fall into one of four main categories:

Agritech Enabling

It’s true that agritech may increase productivity and efficiency. But adequate adoption of agri-tech remains one of its biggest barriers to mass usage on-farm – often because of failure to adequately address the farmer’s question, “What’s in it for me?”

With AgriEnable as your ‘go between’ – bridging the gap between the technology specialists and the end-user – you can make a far more effective application of your technology, aligning it perfectly with the needs and expectations of the end-user.

Illustrative clients:

  • Agri-EPI Centre, a UK ‘Centre of Excellence’ for agritech
  • A Controlled Environment Agriculture Enterprise (NDA in operation)

Agribusiness Expertise

Whether for a crisis, a planned project, or an enterprise assessment, there are times when your own team’s skillset reaches its limits: either you need more time, or you need more knowledge.

AgriEnable has first-hand experience from field to fork, from tractor cab to boardroom, from local to national to international supply chains, from field to fork, and from practical farming to policy frameworks.

From interim farm leadership roles, to agribusiness collaborations and enterprise planning, AgriEnable can lend you the time, the knowledge, or both.

Illustrative clients: 

  • Interim farm manager (harvest and establishment) for a vertically integrated dairy and poultry business
  • Contracted consultant for major landowner’s aggregate extraction appeal (NDA)
  • Health & Safety policy implementation for a poultry production business (NDA)

Business Review and Transition

At AgriEnable, we do more than just embrace change in agriculture, food and rural business. We inspire it. Change provides opportunities – and by seizing those opportunities, you’re ensuring you have control over the future of your business.

Think of AgriEnable as your agri-food and agribusiness ‘troubleshooter in chief’. We will appraise and review your business, solving growing pains, identifying routes to restructuring, and implementing change at any or all levels.

Illustrative clients:

  • Initial (part of Cawood Scientific), an environmental monitoring business

  • A vegan food manufacturing business (NDA)

  • Edgmond Foods Ltd, a savoury bakery business

Enterprise Planning

Change is everywhere within the UK food and farming sector. Food and farming policy is evolving, farm diversification is increasing, new grants are becoming available. Wherever we look, we have new opportunities for agribusiness.

As a specialist agri-food and agribusiness consultancy, AgriEnable can work with business owners throughout the UK’s food and farming supply chain: we research, assess and plan potential investments, entry into new sectors, and schemes for diversification or collaboration.

Illustrative clients: 

  • Strategic business development for a food manufacturer, for retail and foodservice launch (NDA)

  • Strategic business development for new technologies, using grants to add value to core business activities (NDA)

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What can we do for you?

Tell us about your business, your project, your plans – even if they don’t ‘fit’ into one of the categories above. Whatever your need to make a change, be inspired to make the change with AgriEnable.
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