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Comprehensive agri-food expertise. Thorough, unstinting, it is what makes AgriEnable so successful – and it’s that agri-food expertise that is entirely responsible for our enviable track record delivering successful change for agribusiness.

We don’t just embrace change, we inspire change.
We see change as opportunity.
We support you in delivering change that allows you to seize your opportunity.
We give you confidence to change and confidence in change.
We give you back control of your future.
The UK’s food and farming sector is diverse. We know it inside out. Of course, we must: we’re here to secure our clients’ future, after all, using our unique approach to agribusiness consultancy to secure success.

And yes, while technology and people play important roles in our development and change strategies, underpinning them is that deep, insightful agri-food expertise. Not only does it allow us to help our clients be inspired by the opportunities our consultancy uncovers, it also ensures that at all times, we’re speaking your language.

To illustrate the point, we’ve picked out some case studies. If you’re feeling inspired in any way after reading them, or wonder whether we use our agri-food expertise to do the same for your business, please get in touch: we’d love to start something special with a new prospective client.
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Case Study 1

enitial logo
Client: Enitial, part of Cawood Scientific
Nature of project: Business Transition
Date: January 2020 – February 2021

AgriEnable was approached by Cawood Scientific, the UK’s leading scientific group and the largest independent provider of analytical laboratory testing and sampling services for the land-based industries.

We were required to undertake a business review of the recently acquired environmental monitoring business, Enitial, following a prolonged period of decline in business performance. 

The first step was to present a restructuring proposal to the Cawood Board. This comprised dismantling five independent business units and replacing them with a ‘one-team’ functional structure, underpinned by a firm commercial approach.

Assuming day-to-day leadership of this division, consisting of 125 staff, AgriEnable’s principal consultant David Farley was able to gain a full understanding of the business before commencing the restructuring process in spring 2020, against the background of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Starting with the creation of a new SMT, aided by effective leadership and engagement, we successfully transitioned all staff into new roles. Individuals can now contribute much more efficiently, thanks to improved focus and clarity of expectation. Despite the nuances of the ‘old’ business process and the challenging impact of Covid-19, business continuity was maintained throughout this process. 

After 12 months, AgriEnable handed Enitial back to Cawood in much better shape, with a visible improvement in engagement and morale across the field teams. This is crucial for Cawood: despite its technically advanced and sophisticated laboratory services, it is their people who keep customers satisfied.

Not only does the new structure provide a more secure platform from which to fulfil their ambitions for growth, the change brought immediate benefits in the form of a significant improvement in business performance during the final two months of AgriEnable’s contract. 

Case Study 2

Client: A progressive farming business set on combining technology and sustainability
Nature of project: Business Planning and Funding Application
Date: March 2021 – current

Situated in ‘typical’ UK farming country, this modern, progressive family farming business embraces several enterprises.

The business wants to develop an innovative and sustainable controlled environment agriculture (CEA, or vertical farming) enterprise, but using a market-led approach rather than being ‘technology- pushed’.

As a 50% stakeholder in the project, AgriEnable’s agri-food expertise saw it perfectly positioned to take the lead on formulating a business plan and applying to Innovate UK’s Farming Innovation Pathway funding competition. In partnership with the farming business, AgriEnable has attracted a team of collaborators drawn from industry and academia alike. 

The project has evolved rapidly. It now includes a joint venture with an established provider of aeroponic growing systems. Plans are afoot to secure the funding required to establish a significant ‘on-farm’ commercial crop production facility featuring an ambitious plan featuring renewable energy to lower the production costs of CEA, ‘zero-carbon’ produce to a level that is scalable. (subject to NDA).

Case Study 3

Agri EPI logo
Client: Agri EPI-Centre
Nature of project: Agri-Tech consultancy support – Grant Funding Application & Commercial Research (under NDA)
Date: November 2021 – March 2022

Renowned as leaders in collaborative Agri-Tech project delivery, Agri-EPI is enjoying unprecedented levels of demand for its services. Its new CTO has previously worked with David; she recommended engaging with AgriEnable to undertake some of its workload on a collaborative basis.

To date, completed assignments include a collaborative six-figure grant application for an innovative on-farm data-harvesting solution, and a full commercial market review on behalf of a client looking to enter the ‘smart fertiliser’ sector. 

Could you be our next case study

Inspired to see how AgriEnable and our agri-food expertise could help you make your agribusiness change for the future? If you think your business would benefit from a no-obligation discussion with AgriEnable, we’d like to hear from you.
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